ESTO – Esto Town Council and Florida League of Cities recently recognized Esto Councilman Jeff Carnley for 30 years of service to the town.

Director of Member Services Sherron Berrian from Florida League of Cities spoke of the length of time Carnley has served and what that means.

“Several terms in office is a high compliment given by voters,” said Berrian. “With these years of experience comes strength of wisdom, discernement and strong leadership skills that bring tremendous value to a municipality.”

Carnley’s fellow councilmembers also recognized his time in service to the town by honoring him with a proclamation to name the council chambers as “Jeff Carnley Council Room”.

Other letters from Holmes County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Danny Powell and Senator George Gainer were presented to Carnley as well.

Chairman Teresa Harrison read the proclamation to name the room after Carnley.

“Members of the Town of Esto Council, wish to commend Carnley for his outstanding efforts and , gratitude for his leadership in all areas,” reads the proclamation.

Carnley expressed his thanks to those who have voted for him continuously over the years.

“Thank you to the council members and the community,” said Carnley. “I’ve really enjoyed serving the community I was raised in and hope to continue to do so.”