CHIPLEY -- Monica Baxley knows what makes Christmas special for her fellow residents at Washington County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

"It don't matter what we put on there, it's something we really want," the three-year resident said Thursday afternoon. "A lot of them doesn't have families to get it for them; so, the angel tree is very awesome."

"We love it here," she said.

Usually residents request essential items on wish lists, such as, bodywash and shaving sets, house shoes and undershirts, and snacks. People fulfill the "wishes" by purchasing the listed items and delivering them to the centers.

However, even bearing the most basic items, some wish lists remain on the giving trees as the holiday approaches quickly, waiting for a person -- perhaps an angel -- to show benevolence.

"We ask each resident what they would like and then put the items -- one, two, maybe three -- on the list," said Brian Owens, who's the Quality of Life Director at the center and responsible for organizing recreational and other activities for residents. "A lot of clothing and snack items are found on these lists."

The facility is located at 879 Usury Road.

"We still do have quite a few, and anyone could adopt them," he added.

Minutes down the road, residents at Bonifay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 306 W. Brock Ave. in Holmes County, share the same circumstance.

About a third of their wish lists remain on giving trees.

"About a 50 are still left," said Activities Assistant Adriana Stinette.

"We have body wash sets or ... shaving kits that are like $10," she said. "And some of them have told us they want furry boots, fuzzy socks or night gowns or candy."

Stinette said if the lists are not adopted by someone, the staff usually comes together to fulfill at least part of each list.

And, their reason for it goes beyond a feeling obligation.

"When Santa comes and Santa calls their name," Stinette said of the 140 residents at the Bonifay center, "they just light up."

"It's really just touching to see how they can still get Christmas even though a lot of them don't have family at all and some of them have just stop expecting them," Owens said of the 160 residents at the his center.

Thursday afternoon, Baxley wheeled around in her chair as if she had owned the hall. Her metallic-lavender cropped hair added a fun flair to the red, white and blue striped sleeveless dress she donned.

"It's very nice for them to do this for us because a lot of us can't afford the things we put on the tree," she said, with a short smile while politely resting her crossed arms at her waist. "And some of the things, people may find it silly, but it's things we really want that we can't afford ourselves."

On her list, she said: house shoes, a dress and body wash.

To adopt a wish list at Washington County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, call 850-638-4654. To do so at Bonifay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, call 850-547-9289.