CHIPLEY -- After months of balking, the council moved forward Tuesday in approval of a handful of ordinances.

Chipley City Council approved first readings of Ordinance No. 946, which gives Code Enforcement officials greater access to private properties deemed a public nuisance, Ordinance No. 948, which spells out a process by which the City can sell and donate property, and Ordinance No. 949, that regulates parking of oversized vehicles -- particularly, semi-trucks -- in residential areas.

"The council kind of wordsmithed (sic) it and got comfortable with what they were passing," said City Administrator Dan Miner.

All of the aforementioned ordinances had been heavily vetted by council members several weeks to months prior to Tuesday's meeting.

In regards to Ordinance No. 946, some council members expressed concern over parts of the ordinance that allowed properties to be violated for stagnant water and unpleasant odors. For Ordinance No. 948, which surfaced out of a private inquiry into the old Chipley Motel, the council wanted more fiscal protections for the City.

And, in regards to Ordinance No. 949, the council appeared to request a stronger balance between making sure truckers can maintain their routes and meeting the needs of residents.

"That one has been on (the agenda for approval) for a pretty good while," Miner said, regarding the latter ordinance. "The problem with that, a lot of times, is the truck drivers leave early and crank their trucks up. And, you know how big trucks make noise -- that was some of the issues that some of the resident brought up."

But at the Tuesday meeting the council appeared to be pleased with the updates to the ordinances made by City Attorney Michelle Jordan.

All of them passed the first reading unanimously.

In other business, following a public hearing, the council approved Ordinance No. 947, prohibiting tobacco sampling and sell at public events held within the city. At  It also approved BCL Civil Contractors, Inc. for the CRA Alleyway Improvement Project bid award. After nearly a month of advertising, BCL was the only to submit a bid. The contract is for $56,973.27.

Chipley City Council will hold a workshop on Jan. 4 and a regular meeting 6 p.m. Jan. 9 at City Hall, 652 Third St.