The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break are always the most taxing and unnerving for students as they conclude all of their hard work from the fall semester by completing final projects, papers, and exams. Understanding the need for taking a break from hours of studying and making sure proper nutrition is a priority, BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen implemented “Midnight Breakfast” on the Monday night of finals week providing stressed students a much needed study break and “free” nourishment.

On December 4, students lined up in front of the school’s dining facility, The Deese Center, eagerly waiting for the late night breakfast to begin. Overly appreciative and enthusiastic about the late night arrival of their BCF President, students chanted his name and formed a tunnel for him to walk through. The breakfast officially began with a student-led blessing and then students were greeted and served a hot breakfast by the Kinchen and other faculty members.

Complete with their aprons sewn by the BCF First Lady, servers welcomed each student by heaping on large portions of mouth-watering grits, eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and biscuits. The stressful atmosphere disappeared from the campus for a little while as students enjoyed each other’s company and were reminded of the tremendous support and prayers they receive from the administration.

Kinchen noted that he truly enjoys this special time with the students as he encourages them and cheers them on while they study and give account of what they have learned during the semester. Following the late night breakfast, students scurried back to their rooms to work on study guides, review material, and complete their exams.

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