The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville works diligently to encourage and engage students during their academic careers. One essential element to that continuum is the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a focused plan aimed specifically at enhancing student learning. Careful research and campus-wide input led to our newest effort, “F.Y. I.” BCF’s “First Year Initiative.”

Business Leadership Chair Chantel Oney eloquently explained the QEP, slated for implementation in the fall of 2018. “The overarching purpose of the Quality Enhancement Plan is improving and enriching student learning,” she stated. “Student learning improvement can certainly vary by institution. For BCF, improving learning is centered on the challenges that first-year students confront. The QEP, aptly named First Year Initiative—F.Y.I for short—is targeting student success in three key areas: personal, academic, and spiritual.”

To encourage broad participation within the marketing strategy, BCF held a contest among students in search of the best QEP logo, slogan, and tagline, offering an Institutional Scholarship to be awarded by President Thomas A. Kinchen for the winning selection(s). BCF student Cole Jackson designed the captivating logo and slogan that were chosen and received a scholarship for $300. Noah Wagner was responsible for the winning tagline, “Enhance. Engage. Excel.” and was presented with a scholarship of $150.

The QEP committee members responsible for judging all of the entries believed that the work of Jackson and Wagner not only captured the spirit and purpose of the initiative, but also preserved the integrity and mission of BCF, which is providing uncompromising academic excellence while fostering personal and spiritual growth.

For more information on how The Baptist College of Florida is committed to the success of first-year students as well as the entire student body, please contact 850-263-3261 ext. 460 or visit the website at