BONIFAY – The Holmes County Chamber of Commerce is hoping to drum up excitement about supporting local businesses while boosting chamber membership with the launch of new campaign, "I'm In."

Implemented through social media platforms, the effort will feature signs posted at participating businesses.

"'I’m In' means linking arms with other business owners in the community in order to get things done that individually can not be accomplished," said Holmes County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rebecca Prince.

Prince says the program will help emphasize the networking opportunities provided through Chamber membership.

"The Chamber of Commerce is a network of business owners working to bring the business community together to develop strong local networks," she said. "These networks can result in a business-to-business exchange."

Chambers also work with the local government to develop pro-business initiatives.

"As the business community grows, it is important to learn to not only do business with one another, but to work together to protect each other," adds Prince. "Without the local small business owners, our voice is lost as a community, and the community eventually dies. We need to join forces and move forward before we fizzle out."

According to Prince, the campaign's message of solidarity is also a commitment to Holmes County's future.

"We will succeed," she said. "We will not fizzle out. We will support each other."

Chamber President Veronica Peel provide an "I'm In" sign to each business that pays the $100 yearly membership fee. The sign will be posted at businesses, as well as on social media to signify unity and support of other local businesses.

Prince says it is important to note that chamber membership isn’t a "magic button," that the key to seeing a return on time invested is to be active.

"If you pay your $100 and never come to an event, sponsor a lunch, or be a part of the community events the Chamber sponsors, you will do nothing but waste money," said Prince.

"I think it is important to realize the Chamber of Commerce is not a government organization. It is a coalition of local business owners working together to make change happen," said Prince.

Currently, only 30 of Holmes County's 848 businesses are members of the Chamber of Commerce.

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