Orange Hill Missionary Baptist Church, located at 816 Sunday Road in Chipley, will celebrate annual Homecoming services at 11 a.m., Sunday, August 20. The speaker will be Pastor Jesse Nelson of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Panama City. The theme is “Let Us All Go Back To The Old Landmark”. The old time church use to rock and sing:

Let us all go back to the old landmark (x3)

and then stay in the service of the Lord.

Let us kneel and pray in the old-time way (x3)

He will hear us and be near us,

We’ll be given bread from Heaven,

He will feed us until we want no more.

For almost a century and a half (147 years), God’s unmerited favor, through the precious blood of Jesus, has allowed this church to render indelible service to the community of Chipley known as Orange Hill. At one point in its rich history, the Church gave the Washington County School System one of their 20 acres of land to build a public school for black children in the community.

After the schools were consolidated in Washington County, the school board gave the acre of land back. God has allowed the members by His grace and mercy to go forth remembering their old landmark through good and bad times.

The Church was destroyed three times: twice by fire and once by a storm when the wind blew it down. The wooden church was torn down in the sixties and rebuilt four times. They are thankful to God that their good times outnumbered their bad times. Because of so many, the Cattie Childs/Orange Hill Missionary Baptist Church Scholarship was awarded at Senior Awards Night at Chipley High School. This year’s recipient was Madison Kent.

The Second Women’s Conference took place: “Face Your Fears”, “Discern Your Preparation”, “Silence Your Enemy” chaired by First Lady Katherleen Nelson and co-chaired by Sis. Mechele Kent and Sis Mary Davis. With the effort of Bro. Wilford Coleman the “Buffalo Soldiers shared in the Annual Black History Service. The Descendants of Spencer and Alice Everett assisted Orange Hill improving handicapped parking.

Pastor Malcolm O. Nelson is encouraging the good members of the church in taking a stand for God by and through making the 3Ds applicable in their daily walk with God. We must become gracious in our heart, soul and mind to the extent that we are reminded daily that our Decisions Determines our Destination (3Ds). When our heart, soul and mind are quickens within us to know and apply 3Ds, we will become as Joshua was in the 24th chapter and 15th verse of the book of Joshua. There it is written that Joshua declared, “If serving the Lord seems evil to you, then choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the river, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you now dwell. But for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” In other words, Joshua declared that for me and my house we are remembering the old landmark.

If we are to internalize this mind set, we must make decisions that determines our destination within the kingdom of God regardless of what others say or do in their attempt to hinder us from going forth daily remembering our old landmark. We must make decisions that determine our destination by carefully following the footsteps of our forefathers. Our forefathers took heed to the words recorded in Proverbs 22:28, which read “remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”

As our forefathers went through the fire and through the storms of slavery and injustice; as our forefathers were broken in pieces and often left all alone to die, no doubt many who survived could proudly say, “through it all God has helped us.” And, through it all God blessed us because at the end of each painful day we were able to go forth remembering our old landmark because we still had a praise inside of us.”

As our forefathers refused to move the old landmarks of not only property boundaries, but the old landmark of moral living; the old landmark of loving and respecting each other; and above all, the old landmark of loving and obeying the word of God, we will go forth in the celebration of these one hundred and forty seven years remembering our old landmark Of Orange Hill Missionary Baptist Church. Come and join in the celebration.