VERNON — Mike Owens was voted in as chief of the Vernon Fire Department in the Feb. 21 Vernon City Council meeting. Owens, a ten-year veteran firefighter, had previously been serving as assistant chief. He has been with the Vernon Fire Department for five years.

Fourth of July plans are already taking form for the City of Vernon’s annual Firecracker Day celebration on Tuesday, July 4. Plans were approved for the parade to roll on at 4 p.m. A contract was also approved for the facilitation of fireworks.

In other items, the council approved contracts for tree removal service, photography service for the recreation department, bids for directional boring on State Road 277 and the application for Small Community Outreach Program (SCOP) opportunity for a project on Church Street.

The council approved Laura Warriner and Councilman Shawn Sanders as signers on the city’s checking account to pay city bills.

Finally, the council will waive fees for Vernon High School to use the community center for upcoming events.