Jeff Riley was recently named Vernon Middle School Teacher of the Week. He has lived in Wausau for his whole life except when he was in college.  Riley attended Vernon Elementary, Vernon Middle, and Vernon High School. Some of the current faculty and staff at Vernon Middle School were his teachers and classmates. 

Riley graduated 1n 1997 and then attended Florida State University where he graduated from the honors program with a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies.

Riley worked in a few different jobs after college, until he started teaching around 2009 as a  sixth grade language arts teacher.  He taught one year at Vernon Middle School then taught for two years at Roulhac Middle School.  Riley was away from teaching for a few years until he decided to come back this year to teach math.

Riley said “When I am away from work, I enjoy outdoor activities and a little farming.  I have a few cows and I also produce hay.  For fun I like to go hiking and kayaking.  I especially enjoy the Econfina Creek area.  I also like to travel so that I can hike and camp in other areas.  Recently I went on a trip to Big Bend National Park where I was able to climb to the top of a mountain.”  Riley also stated “I enjoy teaching because I like to work with kids, and I like to be on my feet and active at work.  The kids at Vernon are especially enjoyable to work with since this is my home school, and I have spent my whole life in this area.”