In its over 40 year history, the Washington County Youth Fair has been the venue to showcase 4-H and FFA livestock projects.  This year’s fair was another successful event with a total of 42 youth exhibiting their swine, heifer and steer projects for show and sale at the annual auction. 

From the first weigh-in in September to check-in in February, steer projects are fed out and worked with to achieve a high quality product for the consumer.  Winning the steer average daily gain contest was Chipley FFA shown by Trinity King. 

Swine projects began in October and have been worked and exercised to achieve a high quality product for the consumer.  Winning the swine average daily gain contest was Brinlee Williams. 

The main focus of market animal livestock projects is the production of a wholesome, quality and marketable food product.  It also fosters breeding and feeding of better livestock through education workshops and shows.  But, most importantly, it helps create responsible youth exhibitors who are learning valuable skills that they can use on a daily basis and later as an adult. 

This year's winners are: Reserve Champion Heifer – Kayla Daimler; Grand Champion Heifer – Cody Daimler; Reserve Champion Swine – Alec Davis; Grand Champion Swine – Emily Anderson; Reserve Champion Steer – Chipley FFA shown by Wyatt Patterson and Grand Champion Steer – Chipley FFA shown by Trinity King

The purpose of showmanship is to present livestock in the best possible light to the judge.  It requires perseverance, concentration, attention to detail and quick response to the judge.  Exhibitors should be courteous, cool, calm and collected and be sportsman like at all times.  Youth compete by age in the following categories:  Junior – 8-10 years old, Intermediate – 11-13 years old and Senior – 14-18 years old. 

Other winners are: Junior Swine Reserve Champion Showman – Cray Holley; Junior Swine Grand Champion Showman – Asa Anderson; Intermediate Swine Reserve Champion Showman –Abigail Anderson; Intermediate Swine Grand Champion Showman – Eliannah Anderson; Senior Swine Reserve Champion Showman – Alec Davis; Senior Swine Grand Champion Showman – Emily Anderson; Junior Beef Reserve Champion Showman – Brodie Price; Junior Beef Grand Champion Showman – Cody Daimler; Intermediate Beef Reserve Champion Showman – Brayden Price; Intermediate Beef Grand Champion Showman – Kayla Daimler; Senior Beef Reserve Champion Showman – Emily Whorwell and Senior Beef Grand Champion Showman – Tiffany Terrell.