I am sad to see all the young lives being lost today. Since I am a father of eight children and a seventh grandchild on the way, I feel that I have a big stake in all of this.

I think there are areas in society that can be improved on. Parents have to teach their children tolerance and not hate. Abe if there were more tolerance there would be less bullying in school and out. When I was in grade school, if we had a disagreement, we would go way out away from the school and settle our differences. But of course we didnít have hand held communication devices that would could talk behind each otherís back with either. Iím thinking that is might help to take a time out and think about what a person is saying before they respond to a ďcould beĒ hateful comment to be a friend, if people could only practice this along with more tolerance then it might be a happier place to live.

Iím sure God wouldnít want us to pick and choose who we are going to be nice to. Of children are being bullies in school and they tell a parent, maybe the parent can go sit in the childís class and observe whatís going on there. I did that once and all I had to do is look at the little boy that was bothering my daughter and he didnít do it anymore. May be a little more communication between parents and children and a little more involvement with whatís going on in their lives.

Also health care people have to be careful what they name so of these new illnesses. Some of the names Iíve heard sound like they could cause some problem with children at school being teased.

There is so much that needs to be done that it just bewilders me on what the answer is, praying is good but I think there has to be more action taken too.


Ronald William Bussell

Ponce De Leon