BONIFAY On Jan. 26 2013, seven teams from Holmes County High School competed in the first Drill Meet at Baker High School.

Five of the seven teams place in this event. In male unarmed platoon we placed third. Male unarmed platoon included Mason Carnley, Christian Grimes, Laurel Murley, Brittany Sewell, Michael Murphy, Bree Owens, Amber Hayden, Ashley Eberhardt, Ben Evers, Remington Moran, Beth Jones, DJ Rock, and Becky Padgett. In male unarmed squad we placed second. Male unarmed squad included Christian Grimes, Mason Carnley, Michael Murphy, Remington Moran, Dustin Reed, DJ Rock, and Ben Evers. In female unarmed squad we placed second.

Female unarmed squad included Amber Hayden, Bree Owens, Becky Padgett, Beth Jones, Ashley Eberhardt, Laurel Murley, and Brittany Sewell. In female color guard we placed second. Female color guard included Bree Owens, Amber Hayden, Ashley Eberhardt, and Laurel Murley. In male-armed duel exhibition we placed second. Male-armed duel exhibition included DJ Rock and Christian Grimes. In male-armed individual exhibition we placed first.

Individual exhibition included Christian Grimes. Also Cadet DJ Rock commander of the male color guard and Cadet Bree Owens commander of the female color guard both received a coin of excellence.