Shame on you, Mr. Eddie Dixon!

Shame on you, Mr. Eddie Dixon!

The new superintendent appears to have a personal agenda — not in the best interest of the students!

Mr. Dixon reassigns competent and effective principal at Bethlehem School without just cause or explanation.

Parents, teachers, and students were surprised and disappointed to unexpectedly learn of a change in administrative assignments given to Mr. (Zeb) Brown, Principal of Bethlehem School.  This decision was made at the School Board Meeting on Tuesday night, Dec. 11th, with little or no discussion, when Mr. Dixon asked school board members to vote for the “lateral transfer” of Mr. Brown to another position in the District Offices. 

In an unannounced and spontaneous meeting held Wednesday morning at Bethlehem School, Mr. Dixon’s only response to his decision was simply that he could not say.  When asked for any further explanation — there was none he could give.  No listed improvements were given and no investigative measures are being taken.  This decision appears to be made solely based on self-interest measures of Mr. Dixon.

Through an uphill battle, and despite personal attacks from a small group of individuals, Mr. Brown has consistently held teachers, staff members and himself at Bethlehem School more accountable to their jobs — expecting higher performance levels in what they are being paid to do.  For approximately 95 percent of the staff, this new standard has been welcomed, supported and appreciated.  Evidence and statistics of improvement in student performance and academic effectiveness is already being seen.

Mr. Brown has consistently shown a genuine interest in the success of the students at Bethlehem School and has gone to great lengths to help provide the best academic opportunities possible for our students.  In addition, he has opened the door to parents and interested community members who have skills and talents — helping to provide additional learning and educational opportunities in a friendly environment for our students. 

Mr. Brown has taken an individual interest in student’s lives — including those coming from less supportive and challenging home environments — holding them accountable to a higher standard and personally encouraging them to step up to their full potential.  His personal interest in their lives is beginning to help them make better choices and is making a difference in their lives.  Mr. Brown holds an individual interest in each student’s life and success in part because of his own personal experience and past.  His commitment has not waivered and runs deep.

Mr. Brown responded to some of those who stood at his side through this ordeal. A portion of this response shows his continued commitment to the students:


“While the change in career paths is difficult, I am open to the challenge that has been set before me . . .  I will never waiver in my hopes for Bethlehem and all schools in our district.  The hope that one day students will have all the opportunities they deserve and for those students whose everyday is a struggle — to realize the power to change their situation is already a power they own . . .  I believe in this God divine power because I am a product of it — it was only through education and the witness of good teachers and mentors that I am who I am today . . . I know the heart of Bethlehem; we once dug deep and found it.  We are on the edge of doing that once again . . . Look at what has transpired already.  Be joyous in those triumphs. . . You are people of great gifts, gifts that are meant to be shared.  God brought us all together for a reason and maybe for just this time.  I believe the table is ready and He is waiting for it to be set.  Now is the time not to walk away from the table but to invite all those who would come.”           


In conclusion, I want to publicly let it be known that in all of my dealings with Mr. Brown, I have seen him to be an honorable and upstanding man, one with integrity in both word and deed.  I have a personal appreciation for the God-fearing man that he is and I am aware of his consistent prayers for guidance for the welfare of our students and school.  I feel it would be a great loss, not only to our students but to our entire community to no longer have Mr. Brown as the principal at Bethlehem School.  It seems that a superintendent who truly cares about the students in their school district would not only recognize, but appreciate and support a principal who is working hard to bring about good and bless the lives of so many students.           


Tamra Kriser