BONIFAY — The long anticipated day had arrived as the final results of one of the most anticipated races, not only for the nation, but for Holmes County as well: Election Day 2012.

BONIFAY — The long anticipated day had arrived as the final results of one of the most anticipated races, not only for the nation, but for Holmes County as well: Election Day 2012.

As far as presidential elections are concerned in Holmes County, Mitt Romney won by a landslide against Barack Obama by 3,256 votes, with Romney having 6,891 votes and Obama having 1,262.

In local races Tim Brown won the polls with a vote of 4,518 to 3,648 against John Braxton, Jr. for Sheriff of Holmes County; Kyle Hudson overcame Don Hersman for Clerk of Court with 2,625 votes to 2,497; and Otis Corbin, Jr. was voted in as Property Appraiser against Felecia Fisanick with a vote of 4,384 to 3,733.

For Superintendent of Schools Eddie Dixon surpassed Terry Mears with a vote of 4,319 to 3,775; and the new School Board member for District 2 is Debbie Kolmetz, winning against Wilburn G. Baker with a vote of 3,733 to 3,422.

“I’m very appreciative of the people who believed in me,” said Dixon.

Holmes County has two new commissioners to swear in on Nov. 20; Bobby Sasnett for District 1, overcoming Jim King with a vote of 4,488 to 3,563; and David Whitaker for District 3, who surpassed Phillip Music with a vote of 4,561 to 3,563.

As for the Local Referendum of allowing businesses with licenses to sell alcoholic beverages to sell beer on Sunday, 56 percent of Holmes County voted “no” with a vote of 4,395 to 3,410.

“This election was no more important then any other election,” said Holmes County Supervisor of Elections Debbie Wilcox Morris. “They are all equally important. If you don’t vote you allow other people to decide the governing bodies of your life.”

Morris said even though this year gave less time to vote early, more people voted this year then in 2008.

“The early voting was shortened from two weeks to eight days and we still had well over 100 more voting in this election then in 2008,” said Wilcox.

She said that this year also ran very smoothly.

“We were able to accommodate to everyone’s needs,” said Wilcox. “We want to recognize the poll workers. People don’t think about them and how dedicated they are, working from 6 a.m. till the polls close at 7:30 to 8 p.m. or some times even later.”

Morris stressed the importance of being an active voter.

“Every vote does count,” said Morris. “Being an involved voter has become more and more important in today's world. It is important for today's voters to be well informed in order to participate effectively in the elections process.”



Mitt Romney (REP), 6,891; Barack Obama (DEM), 1,262; Thomas Robert Stevens (OBJ), 8; Gary Johnson (LBT), 34; Virgil H. Goode, Jr. (CPF), 6; Jill Stein (GRE), 6; Andre Barnett (REF), 5; Stewart Alexander (SOC), 0; Peta Lindsey (PSL), 1; Roseanne Barr (PFP), 25; Tom Hoefling (AIP), 1; Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson (JPF), 5.


United States Senator:

Connie Mack (REP), 5,568; Bill Nelson (DEM), 2,232; Bill Gaylor (NPA), 208; Chris Borgia (NPA), 105.


Representative in Congress for District 1:

Jeff Miller (REP), 4,024; Jim Bryan (DEM), 946; Calen Fretts (LBT), 105.


Representative in Congress for District 2:

Steve Southerland (REP), 2,356; Al Lawson (DEM), 609.


State Senator for District 1:

Don Gaetz (REP), 5,795; Richard Lawson (DEM), 2,021.


State Representative District 5:

Marti Coley (REP), 6,002; Travis W. Pitts (DEM), 1,899.


Clerk of Court:

Don Herman, Jr. (REP), 2,497; Kyle Hudson (DEM), 2,625; Tim Wells (NPA), 1,396; Marsha Farmer Sherrouse (NPA), 1,277; John King, Jr. (NPA), 407.



Tim Brown (REP), 4,518; John Braxton, Jr. (NPA), 3,648.


Property Appraiser:

Felecia Fisanick (REP), 3,733; Otis Corbin, Jr. (DEM), 4,384.


Superintendent of Schools:

Terry Mears (REP), 3,775; Eddie Dixon (DEM), 4,319.


School Board Member District 2:

Wilburn G. Baker, 3,422; Debbie Kolmetz, 3,733.


County Commissioner District 1:

Bobby Sasnett (REP), 4,488; Jim King (DEM), 3,563.


County Commissioner District 3:

David Whitaker (REP), 4,561; Phillip Music (DEM), 3,563.


Amendment No. 1:

Yes, 4,879; No, 2,777.


Amendment No. 2:

Yes, 5,413; No, 2,413.


Amendment No. 3:

Yes, 3,537; No, 4,061.


Amendment No. 4:

Yes, 3,591; No, 4,036.


Amendment No. 5:

Yes, 3,201; No, 4,334.


Amendment No. 6:

Yes, 5,160; No, 2,670.


Amendment No. 8:

Yes, 3,534; No, 4,150.


Amendment No. 9:

Yes, 5,287; No, 4,150.


Amendment No. 10:

Yes, 4,237; No, 3,353.


Amendment No. 11:

Yes, 5,572; No, 2,137.


Amendment No. 12:

Yes, 2,913; No, 4,528.


Local Referendum:

Yes, 3,410; No, 4,395.