CHIPLEY — Washington County residents may be surprised to know that The Closet might not be as far as they might think.

CHIPLEY — Washington County residents may be surprised to know that The Closet might not be as far as they might think.

Nestled in the back of Horizon Healthcare, located in a shopping plaza across the street from the Northwest Florida Community Hospital in Chipley is The Closet, which provides hats, scarves, work hats for both men and women, wigs of all kinds and colors, prosthetic breasts, bras of all kinds and colors specially made for prosthetic breasts, cammies/softies, supplies and much more.

“People mostly think we only have hospital type supplies like wheelchairs and canes,” said June Hutchingson, Prosthesis fitter and customer service billing clerk for Horizon Healthcare. “We’ve been doing this for years and it still surprises people that we’re here. We’ve even had ads in the paper and still people don’t seem to know we’re here.”

David Yates, owner of Horizon Healthcare and the Medicine Shoppe, explained that they had specialized in prosthetics for many years and then the American Cancer Society approached them about housing The Closet, which provides all of these items to cancer patients free of charge.

“It just seemed like the perfect fit,” said Yates. “We were already providing the bras and prosthetics; now we have it all for them right here.”

Hutchinson added that if they didn’t have it, that they could get it shipped to the store or to the person’s house.

“I don’t know who said the American Cancer Society doesn’t help the local people, but they were misinformed,” said Hutchinson. “They’ve always been so very helpful. If anyone came here without insurance looking for something I’ve never heard them say they didn’t have it.”

She said that the ACS always made a point to find exactly what they needed and in a timely fashion.

“June is a very compassionate person about this,” said Yates. “She is really good with these ladies and the customers. These women come in and it’s already been so very hard enough for them and then June makes them feel so comfortable and right at home.”

Hutchinson said she gets just as much out of it as she gives out.

“This has given me so much in return,” said Hutchinson. “After I’ve done this for a while my whole heart went into it and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Yates said he was glad to have been able to house The Closet in his store.

“It’s beneficial for us and it’s beneficial to our community,” he said.

For more information contact Horizon Healthcare at 638-4719.