Dear Editor,

This is in response to a letter written by a local doctor asking all faiths to condemn the video that is supposed to be causing all of the radical Muslims to riot and hate the United States, in the Muslim countries. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight concerning some things he said and the agenda of the Muslims in general.

The first thing that I would like to say is that these people are up set because this video is supposed to blaspheme Mohammed, but their supposed to be holy book (The Koran) blasphemes my Lord the Savior Jesus Christ, and my God who is the God of heaven and Earth. Why the Christians are not out killing people like the Muslims are? Well the answer is simple: Jesus said that vengeance is mine, and I will repay. My God is big enough that he doesnít need Christians to defend him, but he will defend us and will also wreak vengeance on those who kill and abuse Christians.

The Muslimís god tells them to kill Christians and Jews, (in the Koran), but our God tells us to love those who hate us and wish to do us harm. And if a Muslim should convert and become a Christian, the Muslimís god tells them to kill the one who converts to Christianity. Their agenda is to kill all Christians and Jews, and to over throw the United States Government, and our constitution. The Muslims say that their religion is a peaceful religion, but in those countries w that have overthrown already, they are systematically killing all Christians who refuse to deny that Jesus is the Son of God, and refuse to become Muslims, just like their prophet Mohammedan did when his armies over threw those countries when he was alive.

Mohammed created the most vicious, and barbaric religion that has ever been, or ever will be, and is anything but peaceful. Those who call themselves peaceful Muslims are doing what their holy book, (The Koran), and Mohammed taught them to do are hypocrites. If they do not like what the radical Muslims are doing, why do they stay in this religion? The answer is that they approve of what they are doing, and are funding those radical groups, and so is the President of The United States, who is a practicing Muslim. (As he told the Muslim brotherhood, that he was still a Muslim.) Out President gave Egypt 1.5 million dollars of out tax money, and this man is crucifying Christians, naked, in their capital. (Where is our news media? Why donít they report this to the rest of the world?)

Now the Muslims think that it is alright for them to blaspheme Jesus, and use our constitutional right to do so, but they want to quench our right to free speech. If they want to live in America, which is a Christian nation, even though our President and Mrs. Clinton, does not claim it so, they need to adapt or return to those nations that practice the Muslim religion.

Jesus told his followers, that Satan comes but to kill, to steal and to destroy. Now who does that remind you of? But Jesus cam so that we can have live and that more abundant. Jesus also said that you are the servant to who you lend you members to obey, so who are the Muslims obeying? They are obeying their Father who is the god of this world, and he is not the God of Heaven and Earth. Our God commands us to love one another, not hate and kill. Killing someone simply because they do not worship the same God that you do is shedding innocent blood, which Christians are forbidden to so, because it breaks the Ten Commandments that our God has given to us to obey, and it keeps us from sinning against our God. So if their god is telling them to shed innocent blood then he is not the same God I serve. If God changed his mind like that, then no one could trust him, so they are definitely serving the God of this world, and not the God of Heaven and Earth.

Now the liberal news media calls a view like his hatred, but I call it an cat of love. But this I mean that I am pointing out those differences to those who will read this, and understand those differences, and will come to realize that someone is on the wrong side of eternity, and I know that is the Muslims, and if even one of them read this and realize this, then I will not have wasted my time writing this letter. Eternity is a long time and outer darkness is forever and eternal. I donít wish this on anyone, and I have the calling to point out the difference.