CARYVILLE — Caryville Town Council apologized to a still grieving family member during their regular meeting held on Jan. 14.

CARYVILLE — Caryville Town Council apologized to a still grieving family member during their regular meeting held on Jan. 14.

Angel Williams, sister to the victim of a tragic murder-suicide almost a year ago, came before the council upset because council member Jim Taylor had listed her sister as one of the ones who had not paid for their burial at Caryville Cemetery.

“I’d like to clear the record that the bill was never placed on my water bill because we paid for the burial six days after the funeral, and my brother-in-law was cremated, not buried,” Williams said. “Now you say that I stole a plot when all you had to do to confirm was to look in the records, because the receipt was there. Everyone knows about this situation, and it was a cruel thing to do.”

Attorney Lyndia Spears said there might have been a mistake, but it was made through the town.

“I apologize from the depths of my heart,” Taylor said. “I was led to believe that it wasn’t paid, and I hadn’t meant for you to be singled out. I was only trying to bring up an ongoing issue of people going there and not paying. It was a mistake. I apologize with the deepest of sincerity; I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Williams did acknowledge the town did allow the family to bury her sister before payment, and they only charged her the old fee, as the incident happened just before the rates increased by twice the amount.

The council approved of River Swamp Hunting Club’s request to expand their hunting lease with the town by 50 acres.
After much discussion about expanding the hunting club’s hunting lease for a longer period of time, the hunting club agreed and the council approved to increase their cost per acre from $5 to $6 and start a new contract in June that included the new property and extend the lease by five years.

Council member Millard French inquired about renovating and expanding the Caryville Flea Market, and Chairman Henry Chambers informed him the main priority at the moment was repairing the roof of the Caryville Civic Center.

After much discussion, the council approved of French acquiring quotes on costs to place a tin roof on the civic center and bringing them back at the next council meeting.

The council also approved of Fire Chief Gene Forehand acquireing quotes on costs to install two new stalls at the Caryville Flea Market and having the quotes ready for review by the next council meeting.

After reviewing another cellphone bill over the amount of $300, the council approved that if the contract’s time had expired then to cancel the existing contract and go to Strait Talk for less than $50 per month.

The next meeting of the Caryville City Council is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Feb. 11 at the Caryville Town Hall.