CHIPLEY — The Chipley Tigers make an aggressive comeback Friday night against the Cottondale Hornets, defeating them with a score of 46-22.

The Tigers made a touchdown in the first quarter, with 7:32 left on the clock and earned the extra point putting the score 7-0.

The Hornets quickly retaliated with a touchdown almost immediately afterward and achieved a successful two-point conversion, making the score 7-8 before the end of the first quarter.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Tiger #21, Kobe McCrary, made a 43-yard touchdown with 11:50 left in the first half, and with a successful completion of a two-point conversion by Tiger #9, Jacob Wilson, the score was 15-8.

Shortly afterward Tiger #7, Joel McKinnie, made a touchdown with 9:35 left in the first half and with a successful two-point conversion by McCrary, the score was 23-8.

Tiger #75, Cole Western, took a nasty hit and after a few moments of the field left the game with injuries.

While the Hornets were in possession of the ball, Tiger #3, Dallas Oliver, intercepted a 35-yard pass and proceeded to push his way toward the goal.

Tiger #12, Wyatt Brock, then ran a 50-yard run. Shortly afterward McCrary made a touchdown with 5:32 left in the first half and with a successful kick the score was 30-8.

The Hornets quickly retaliated as Hornet #4, Sheldon Vann, ran a 53-yard touchdown with 3:03 left in the first half, however with an unsuccessful attempt at a two-point conversion the score was 30-14.

In the third quarter the Hornets made the first touchdown of the second half as Hornet #5, Norris Calhoun, ran a 50-yard touchdown and with a successful two-point conversion with a pass from Hornet #7, CJ Smith, to Calhoun the Hornets were gaining ground with a score of 30-22.

The Tigers responded with even more aggression, with Tiger #5, Carlon Smith, making a 40-yard play followed by a touchdown by Tiger #72, Tyler Pettis and a successful two-point conversion with a pass from Tiger #11, Jordan Finch, to Wilson the score was 38-22 with 2:20 left in the third quarter.

Tiger #60, Allen Sisson, successfully pushed back the Hornet’s quarterback, Smith, by 30 yards. Smith sustained some injuries and after a moment down he left the game due to injuries.

In the beginning of the final quarter the Tigers recovered a fumble and Hornet #20, Tony Caruso, left the game due to injuries.

Tiger #17, Alexander O’Neal, intercepted the Hornets to successfully complete a 40-yard touchdown with 9:51 left in the game and with a successful two-point conversion the score was 46-22, which the Tigers held for the remainder of the game.

“We’re proud to get this win,” said Chipley High School’s Head Coach Chip Harris. “We’re glad to be back on the winning track. The boys played hard and now we’re going to see what we can do to get even better.”

Harris said that he is a Chipley native and after being away, coaching in Alabama for 17 years, it “felt like coming home.”

The next scheduled Chipley High School game is their Homecoming Game against South Walton and will be held at the Philip Rountree Stadium starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 5.