CARYVILLE — When it comes to paying a contractor's bill for $16,510, Town Attorney Lyndia Spears told the Caryville Town Council that “calling their bluff” would be the best course of action.

CARYVILLE — When it comes to paying a contractor's bill for $16,510, Town Attorney Lyndia Spears told the Caryville Town Council on Aug. 13 that “calling their bluff” would be the best course of action.

The council approved Spears sending a letter of dispute and request of proof of documentation in reply to a contractor who sent the bill.

The bill was first discussed during the council’s June 11 meeting.

Spears explained that the town received two grants of $20,000 to build Hodges and Sellers Park in Caryville in 2010.

“This was before my time, but as I understand it one of the parks went over budget,” said Spears. “However the town had paid off the over amount, which was quite a bit over $20,000. This bill says that the town owes a principle amount of $16,510 but fails to provide documentation, which is why I strongly advise the town dispute the bill.”

Spears said that the contractor has yet to provide documentation and at this time there is nothing else the town can do in the matter.

Supervisor of the Caryville Flea Market Paron Beeco came before the town council to give an update on preparations for the next Flea Across Florida, which will be held in September.

“We’ll have people from the Council on Aging setting up a booth, we’ll have food vendors, pony rides and live entertainment,” said Beeco. “We’re also raffling off a $50 Wal-Mart card.”

Beeco suggested that the town consider possible deterrents to loiterers at the flea market.

“We need something like a stronger light or $250 fine for loiterers,” said Beeco. “On July 31 an Ebro woman spent the night there and we’ve got a problem with graffiti.”

Beeco was turned down for his request to be reimbursed for postage to mail out the Flea Across Florida promotional fliers as well as paint to cover graffiti on the flea market’s tables.

“It’s kind of stupid to send these fliers to those of us that live around here,” said Council Member Nora Curry. “You should have sent them out to other towns and states and not those of us around here who already know all about the event.”

The council approved of allowing New Zion Baptist Church to host an event at the Caryville Recreational Center for half the normal rental fee.

Starting at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12, there will be free hamburgers and hot dogs for the public as well as a free movie, “The Jesus Film,” which starts at 6 p.m.

“Since it is a non-profit organization putting it together as a free service to the community we should at least consider waiving or reducing the fee,” said Curry.

Council approved of submitting a grant application for a possible water park for Caryville.

Council Member Ransom Works informed the council that there was still a leak at the Caryville Recreational Center.

“It was pretty bad when the rains were hard,” said Works. “We still can’t figure out where it’s coming from.”

Council Member Jim Taylor said that he had informed the council for two years that the roof was “bad.”

Council Member Millard French said he would bring back a quote for galvanized tin, which is the material the council agreed on to repair the roof.

“The town has no money so I suggest a fundraiser to raise money to fix the roof,” said Chairman Henry Chambers.

The council also agreed to research a way to get the local library opened back up.

“After looking around I never realized how much that place has helped people,” said French. “Mostly children but a lot of good was coming out of that place and we should see what we can do to get it up and running again.”

The council approved of reimbursing a volunteer $60 in gas money to pick up the town’s commodities from Shepherd’s Gate Church.

French asked whom they would get to help retrieve the commodities coming in on Sept. 20, which is food reserved for almost 600 families in Caryville.

“We’ll just have to find someone who needs the community service hours,” said Chambers.

French requested that the council reevaluate the town hall employees.

“We’ve got one here that we pay her $590 per month and I don’t understand why she’s even on the payroll,” said French. “We’re drowning and scrimping for change and if there was someone at my job that didn’t show they wouldn’t have that position for long.”

He suggested that they re-evaluate the position and pay.

“Just how hard can it be to pay bills?” asked French. “A week at Chipola and you’d be qualified to write a grant. I’m not saying pick up the local drunk but it’s not rocket science.”

The council agreed to table the discussion, compare the town hall positions and consider a new description for the next meeting.

The next Caryville Town Council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Sept. 10 at the Caryville Town Hall.