CHIPLEY — Halloween came to Chipley early this year.

CHIPLEY — Halloween came to Chipley early this year.

Mayor Linda Cain presented the city council with a letter Thursday from a film company proposing Chipley as the possible location for filming a horror movie.

The letter is from her son, Brian Cain, who is executive creative director for GMD Studios in Winter Park.

“If you ever saw 'The Blair Witch Project' you know what kind of movies they have in mind,” the mayor said.

The film would be a combined project of Haxan Films and GMD Studios.

Brian Cain’s partnership with GMD began with the Fox TV show “Freakylinks,” where he portrayed the lead character of the TV show online for a full year prior to the series premiere, according to the website

More recently Brian Cain has been the creative director for projects that visualized everything from vampires ‘coming out’ to North Korea taking over the world. Creating these fictional worlds through transmedia storytelling and then letting an audience live in and explore them is what he enjoys the most about his work, according to the website.

Brian Cain lives in Orlando with his wife and two children.

Haxan Films are the creators of “The Blair Witch Project,” “VHS 2” and the series “Freakylinks.” The production company is headquartered in Orlando. The company was founded by five graduates of the University of Central Florida Film Program. The 1999 film “The Blair Witch Project” is what they are most famous for, but they also produced the 2006 film “Altered.”

The studios are in the very early stages of planning and currently are looking to gauge interest from the city, according to the letter from Brian Cain.

“They are just asking if we would be interested in something like this,” Mayor Cain said. “They’re not looking for anything from the city, it wouldn’t cost us anything.”

The production might need help closing some streets, or having a fire truck stand by in the case of pyrotechnics.

The letter states that the idea is in a very early stage. “A lot can change and nothing is guaranteed but showing your interest would help in our decision making process.”

“As a boy I grew up in Chipley and I’d love to make something like this happen there,” Brian Cain said in the letter.

The council members agreed that the filming could be a good thing for Chipley.

“When I was at Chipola, we had a company come and do something like it,” Councilman Kevin Russell said. “We all got some experience with the production, which was just outside of Marianna. It was a blast.”