ESTO — Esto Town Council held the first reading of their new proposed mobile home ordinance during their Aug. 6 meeting.

ESTO — Esto Town Council held the first reading of their new proposed mobile home ordinance during their Aug. 6 meeting.

“All mobile homes must meet the following requirements for Esto prior to being placed on real property in the town,” read Council member Teresa Harrison. “All mobile homes must be structurally sound, clean, sanitary, well maintained and approved by council. Council may give a 90-day extension, if needed.

“All mobile homes must meet all U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards and the Florida Manufactured Building Act. All mobile homes must meet all requirements on Application for Town of Esto.

“If any mobile home is moved onto the property without council approval a $250 fine will be assessed and a lien will be placed on the property. An additional $10 per day will be charged until it is moved off the property.”

Council Member Darlene Madden asked about the purpose of the 90-day extension.

“Some times a good mobile home will be moved in but it still isn’t inhabitable,” said Town Council President Danny Powell. “The 90 days gives anyone a reasonable amount of time to complete necessary finishing touches like putting on the skirting, hooking up the water, etc. After that then the fines will start and I will add that the 90-day extension is still based on council approval.”

John Little came before the council to ask that they sign an ordinance against granting illegal immigrants amnesty and benefits.

“People who enter the United States illegally should not receive any benefits from American taxpayers,” read Little. “All United States boards should be totally secured and 100 percent verified and any person in the U.S. illegally should receive no amnesty.”

Little said that he’s already received approval of support from the City of Bonifay, the Town of Westville, the Town of Noma, the Town of Caryville and the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners.

“Most people think this is just against the Hispanics, but they’re wrong,” said Little. “This is against anyone who is here by illegal means, which includes Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Asians; any one who isn’t willing to go through what it takes to become a legal citizen of the United States of America.”

The council approved of the resolution of support.

“I realize we have illegals and they’ve been here for a long time,” said Powell. “I just don’t think that it’s fair to those of us who are paying our dues and that can’t get ahead because they’re taking the burden of these illegals.”

The council approved of paying a local man $2,115 to repair and refurbish the kitchen and inside of the Esto Community Center.

“I know a couple people who have used him and is very satisfied with his work,” said Madden. “He said he should be done by Sept. 14, just in time for the Two-Toe Tom Yard Sale.”

Madden explained there will be a yard sale on Sept. 14 to raise money for next year’s Two-Toe Tom Festival.

She said she’s also requested that they are accepting donations to sell at the yard sale to help raise funds.

“That’s how we make our money for the town is through these fundraisers for this event,” said Madden.

She said anything will be accepted as a donation, from clothes to furniture and if anyone was interested in making a donation or would like more information to contact her at 263-3201.