Holmes County District School Board reviewed and approved of administrative programs for the 2013-2014 school year during the Board’s Aug. 6 meeting.

BONIFAY — Holmes County District School Board reviewed and approved of administrative programs for the 2013-2014 school year during the Board’s Aug. 6 meeting.

At the top of their agenda the Board approved of their contract with the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office to provide local law enforcement for school board meetings and school related functions.

“It’s very economical,” said Chair Rusty Williams. “We get more than what we pay for.”

Board approved of the Code of Student Conduct.

“The only thing that has changed is that we’ve done away with requiring students to make up days that are missed and we’ve added verbiage against bullying,” said District Administrator Jean West. “Though the change in requiring students to make up missed days is more like reverting back to the old code, before they were required to make up days on Saturday mornings beginning at 6 a.m.”

Board approved of a Personnel Handbook.

“This is the first time we’ve had a District Handbook,” said Superintendent Eddie Dixon. “It’s a personnel handbook that goes to every employee within the district, which included custodians, bus drivers, etc. It is a collaboration of board policies and state statutes that not only gives our personnel answers to their questions but the reasons behind them.”

Board approved of an Interagency Agreement with Chipola College for the Take Stock in Children Program.

“This program has been around for years, raising money for scholarships and then about three years it just kind of stalled out,” said Dixon. “Chipola College has volunteered to administrate this program for us at now cost. This program is for at risk children who won’t receive academic scholarships and just fall between the cracks.”

Board member Debbie Kolmetz said that she was happy that the Take Stock in Children scholarship was returning to Holmes County schools.

“It’s wonderful that we have Take Stock in Children back in Holmes County,” said Kolmetz. “It’s so beneficial to our children.”

Board approved of Project Application for 21st Century Community Learning Center to help fund the local WINGS program.

“This is a wonderful program that has been very beneficial to our community,” said Williams.

Board also approved of Service Agreement for Applied Behavior Analysis through Florida State University’s Early Childhood Autism Program; Performance Contract with Spectrum Counseling first year extension; Performance Contract for Occupational Therapy Services second year extension; July 29 meeting minutes; and Project Application for IDEA Part B, Entitlement and IDEA, Part B and Preschool.

“We’re getting ready for a new school year,” said Dixon. “We’ve visited all the facilities and we’ve got the air conditioning for Ponce de Leon High School almost ready. Thursday teachers will be returning to all the schools in Holmes County and then the students will be back on Monday.”

Board member Shirley Owens wanted to remind everyone that several of their bus drivers had went out to pick up the district’s 11 new school buses.

“These bus drivers went out to get our buses,” said Owens. “Let’s pray that they have a safe trip back.”

The next meeting of the Holmes County District School Board is set for 6 p.m. on Aug. 20.