WAUSAU — Wausau’s city clerk Margaret Riley announced her plans to retire on Sept. 30 at Thursday’s Town Council meeting.

WAUSAU — Wausau’s city clerk Margaret Riley announced her plans to retire on Sept. 30 at Thursday’s Town Council meeting.

“I appreciate every one of you, and I am going to miss you all,” Riley said to the council. She has worked for the town for 17 years.

“The council will need to vote in July to advertise the position, then interview in August,” Riley said. “I would like to be a part of the selection process, if I can.”

“Let’s plan on doing the interviewing at the Aug. 8 meeting,” said Mayor BJ Phillips. “We are certainly going to miss you,” Phillips said. “Every time I need some information, I can always call Margaret and she knows what to do.”

The council voted to accept her resignation.

“Plan on keeping your phone handy after you leave,” Phillips joked with Riley. “I suspect you’ll be getting some calls from us asking for help.”

Member Kerry Collins reported that Washington-Holmes Technical Center students would build a new stage runway for the Possum Palace for $1,200. “We’d like to try and get it done before Fun Day.” The 44th annual Possum Festival will take place on Aug. 3.

The plans are for the students to build a runway that has wheels and can be stored under the stage, Collins said.

The council approved paying the WHTC students to make the stage improvements.

Collins also mentioned that people have been hanging out around Wausau Town Hall at all hours of the night to use the library’s free wireless internet.

“They’ve been parking here in the alley or sitting out here by the building at all hours of the night,” Collins said.

Phillips said he found one person using the Town Hall’s electrical outlets to power his computer as well as using the internet.

“I asked him if he would like it if I ran an extension cord to his house to run my appliances,” Phillips said.

“If this keeps up, it won’t be long until we start having issues with vandalism,” Collins said.

Phillips said he would talk to the library staff and see if the Internet could be turned off when the library is closed.

“There has to be a way to just shut it off,” Phillips said. “I don’t mind people using the thing but it is getting out of hand.”

Resident Ruth Neighbors asked the council to look into getting her neighborhood cleaned up. “There’s a big pecan tree in that alley that, if a hurricane comes, is going to fall on my house.”

Neighbors said she looked into having the tree removed, but since it is not on her property she could not have it cut down. Another nearby property has an abandoned and condemned mobile home parked on it and Neighbors said she would like to see that property cleaned up as well.

Phillips said the council would look into the matter and see what could be done.