MARIANNA — The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse recently participated in a four day mounted police and posse training provided by Suncoast Equine, Inc.

Training started Sept. 17 and was conducted by Lt. Mark Newby (Retired) and was held at the Jackson County Agricultural Center in Marianna.
The training provided a wealth of general information concerning how the mounted posse can conduct searches, assist with crowd control and provided assistance in other Law Enforcement operations.
Students in the class were put through a series of maneuvers on horseback and were judged on control of their horse under stressful conditions.  
The horses were also exposed to a variety of obstacles including strange sounds, unusual surfaces and objects that would challenge the confidence of the animal.
Sheriff’s Posse members that participated were: Raymond Bush, Mary Fralick, Joe Hardy, Dianne Hardy, Linda Lareau, Dennis Lareau, Glenda McGowan, Rick McGowan, Jewellyn Owens, Kevin Owens, Mary Jane Silcox, Bill Silcox, Carol Soloman and Joe Souza.