BONIFAY — Bonifay Chief of Police Chris Wells announced the first wave of notifications during the Bonifay City Council’s April 8 meeting, giving home owners a chance to clean up their acts or the city will clean it up for them for a price.

BONIFAY — Bonifay Chief of Police Chris Wells announced the first wave of notifications during the Bonifay City Council’s April 8 meeting, giving home owners a chance to clean up their acts or the city will clean it up for them for a price.

Bonifay City Council held the second and final reading for Ordinance 385, known as the “Private Property Standards of the City of Bonifay” during their March 12 meeting.

This ordinance outlines code enforcement regarding abandoned personal property, debris, excessive growth, litter, etc. regarding personal property within the Bonifay City limits that is considered unattractive, unhealthy or unsafe to the surrounding residents and visitors and defines penalties, procedures and enforcement allowed for handling such cases.

This allows the city to notify the property owner that a clean up is required and if there is no response after a certain period of time then the city will clean it, bill the owner for the clean up and place a lean on the property.

Council members reassured local resident Connie Land that this would be the case for the property next door to hers.

Land had approached the council because of the property next door was abandoned, burned at some point, with broken windows, doors removed, unmanaged lawn, frequented by vagrants and diminishing the value of her property.

“I’ve got an appraisal coming up to reduce my mortgage and it’s going to diminish the value of my property,” said Land.

The council assured Land that was what the new ordinance was for and City Superintendent Jack Marell agreed to maintain the lawn once a month, sending the bill to the owner each time.

“We’re going to do what we can,” said Mayor Lawrence Cloud.

The council also approved a $71,695.76 change order from Hatch Mott MacDonald to the water/sewer project.

Hatch Mott MacDonald representative Shakil Amin explained that this was the last change order before the completion of the project and included the replacement of a stone water pipe, replacement of valves, an electronic gate with restricted access to the Waste Water Facility, pumps, sludge valves and a phone board.

Council members approved of council member Roger Brooks’ request that the city repair broken equipment and dangerous areas to Veterans Park at the estimated cost of $1,500.

“There are broken swings, a piece of equipment is broken and there’s a jagged piece of concrete that needs to be dealt with before a child gets hurt,” said Brooks. “These kids deserve to have a nice and safe park to play in.”

Resident Alan Riley came before the council asking for relief with his $222 plumber bill.

He explained that there were some issues over the weekend with his plumbing being backed up and with him having guests that weekend he needed immediate relief.

He called a plumber and when the issue couldn’t be found within his residence he assumed it was with the new pipe located on city property, however when a city worker came to investigate the matter seemed to have been resolved.

The next day the issue occurred again, this time Riley said he was away and his wife called the plumber again and the plumber went to the city’s section and found the clog to remove it.

Marell said if they had known about the second clog then they would’ve been able to do something about it.

After much discussion the city approved to pay half of the plumbing expenses.

Woodham commended Marell on his work helping the residents with water and sewer issues while the water/sewer project continues.

“He deserves an ‘attaboy,’” said Woodham.

Council also approved a Relay For Life Proclamation 13-1, American Cancer Society Relay For Life Proclamation for the City of Bonifay.

“Relay For Life helped fund more than $150 million in cancer research last year. Now, therefore, be it resolved that the City of Bonifay do hereby proclaim April 19 and 20 as ‘Relay For Life Days’ in Bonifay and encourage citizens to participate I in the Relay For Life event at Memorial Field on April 19 and 20,” according to the proclamation.

Present representing the Florida Division of the American Cancer Society was Kim Castriotta and representing the Relay For Life of Bonifay’s local team for the Bonifay Fire and Rescue and Holmes County EMS, Hose and Stretcher Gang, Team Captain Greg Barton to talk about the upcoming Relay For Life of Bonifay Event to be held from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on April 19 and 20 at Memorial Field in Bonifay.

“The residents and participants have been wonderful and enthusiastic, warm and caring, and a lot is going on,” said Castriotta. “One of the committee members has asked about painting the town purple and she had said she hasn’t heard of one being down here before. What it does is that we ask for someone donate big purple bows, in some places it’s wooden purple people waving on street corners and what it does is peak people’s curiosity about why there’s so much purple.”

She said it is something to peak the interest of onlookers on that week prior to the Relay For Life main event.

“It gets the creative juices flowing and everyone thinking about it,” said Castriotta. “It won’t be anything excessive, just a few bows, ribbons and signs here and there for that week before relay. If store owners want to sponsor a ribbon or purple bow on their store front, that will also be made available for that week.”

The council agreed to allow for the purple ribbons and bows to be put on Bonifay street poles and explained that it would be up to the store owners to give them permission to use their store fronts for purple ribbons and signage.

She said the main event for the Relay For Life of Bonifay will be held from 6 p.m. on Friday, April 19 to 6 a.m. on Saturday, April 20 at Memorial Field in Bonifay and that there will be a Survivor’s Banquet to honor those who are fighting or have fought cancer, Survivor Victory Lap and Caregiver Lap in honor of survivors and caregivers, live entertainment, Ms. Relay Pageant, booths, venders, games and much more.

Visitors are welcomed to participate and participation is free.

The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office’s Relay For Life team will be hosting a Jail for Bail from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 19 at the corner of State Road 90 and State Road 79 at Old Cook’s Automotive.

For $15 you can put out a warrant for someone’s arrest and bond is set at $50.

All proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Bonifay.

For more information contact Adrienne Odum at 260-2469 or 373-8922, Tammy Bozeman at 333-0430 or the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office at 547-4421.

Barton said their team held a boot drive that raised over $2,350 in less than four hours on Saturday, April 6.

“We’d really like it if you would come out and support the event and have some fun,” said Castriotta. “It’s going to be a great event with a lot of really great ideas pouring in. It’s going to be very exciting and we hope to see you there.”

For more information contact DeAnna Oldham at 850-768-2675 or e-mail

The next scheduled Bonifay City Council meeting is set for 6 p.m. on April 22 at the Bonifay City Hall.