I attended a funeral of a citizen of Washington County today and I want to give this testimony in memory of Jesse Andrew Dennis, Jr. who down in the Hinson Crossroads area. Brother Jessie was more than a friend, he was a brother of mine. A friend and former church member, yes, but he was a brother to me because both of us had been born into the family of God by the only birth on can do so, by the blood of Jesus Christ. Brother Jesse was a registered building contractor and a faithful church member. Most of the time I say him was when he had in his hands a hammer, a saw or a bible, The Word of God. I know he will be missed by many who knew him,, as well as his loving wife, Mary and the children and grand children. I close these words of memory by saying, Brother Jesse said also loved to fish. I often on would stay a short while and then go back to my ministry. Brother Jesse said the reason I did not catch many fish from the pond or creek, was because I had catching souls for Christ on my mind all the time. He was a soul fisher also! I may not ever see him on earth again, but I will see him again! His word to us, if he could speak today, would be, “Get the birth and keep the faith!”

Rev. Dr. Billy Bruner, Th. D. (Earned)