On March 7, Bethlehem FFA traveled to Bonifay, to compete in the
District Land Judging competition. Land Judging can be a complicated
contest you go out to four holes and score them in a class.

The way three
of the holes are scored is by Surface Texture, Organic Matter,
Permeability, Slope, Drainage, and Erosion. One of the holes Home site
gets scored by Surface texture, Depth, Permeability, Slop, Drainage,
Shrink- Swell, and Erosion. 

The Bethlehem FFA took two teams both
competing in the Senior Division. The first team consisted of Josie
Dampier, Macey Thomas, Gene Myers, and Jonathan Kirkland. The second team
consisted of David Boatwright, James Graham, and Blake Majors. Team one
brought back first place, and team two brought back second place.

Along with that, Josie Dampier brought back High Individual. Being that team one
placed placed this qualifies them for State in Bronson, later in March.