Jason Robert Booth, 29, failure to appear on issuing worthless checks

Jason Bruner, 40, driving while license suspended or revoked

Emory Lee Brunson, 44, cruelty to animals

Forrest David Cline, 56, hold for prison transport service

Riva Cripes, 27, domestic battery, introduction of contraband

Kasey Kaye Devlin, 21, battery domestic

Mark Shannon Flynt, 52, driving while license suspended or revoked

Justin Footman, hold for Polk County

Teresa Lavon Godwin, 41, public assistance fraud

Irene Elizabeth Harris, 33, driving under the influence with serious bodily injury, child cruelty

Eric Shane Hatfill, 28, grand vehicle theft

Tammy Hedlund, 44, violation of probation

Stephanie Lee Holbert, 29, out of county warrant for issuing worthless checks

George Ray Horace, 49, driving while license suspended or revoked

Ontano Leggett, 34, hold for Hillsborough

Madonna K. Mason, 45, hold for prison transport service

James David McCullers, 24, weekender

Eric Franco Mogrovejo, 23, hold for Hillsborough

Linda Sue Nye, 55, driving under the influence

Kaylin Uriah Ogletree, 25, battery

Julius Cornelius Oliver, 24, hold for Hillsborough

Wilfred Pettis, 50, child support

Robert Allen Platt, 34, violation of probation

Cedric Powe, 43, hold for Hillsborough

Thomas Michael Thiel, 23, lewd and lascivious battery

Corey Jermaine Troupe, 42, hold for department of corrections

Jerry Arnold Wade, 42, hold for Hillsborough

Toni Lee Walker, 38, permitting unauthorized person to drive