On Thursday, Feb. 28, all the JROTC cadets gathered in the classroom to prepare for the Unit Inspection. Once they did so, all the cadets went outside to prepare for the in-ranks portion of the inspection, while the staff members briefed Major Chomos on the status of the battalion and their duties. They also briefed him on their future plans after graduation. Afterwards, the cadets got into their positions to prepare for the unit inspection. As Major Chomos walked around, he checked each cadet's uniform for errors and asked questions about the Chain of Command, who their battalion commander is, or who their Senior Army Instructor is. Once Major Chomos was done, the cadets where ordered to fall out while the Color Guard started performing their drill sequence for Major Chomos to grade. As soon as they were done, the platoon drill sequence was performed and graded on accuracy and correct commands. Afterwards, special cadets were chosen to stay behind for a round table discussion while the others went to class. The round table began with Major Chomos asking questions about flag etiquette, first aid, and leadership. He then inspected the individual staff members and their respective areas. During this, the staff members told Major Chomos about different aspects of their job and showed examples of their work. The inspection was concluded with an out-briefing, during which, Major Chomos told the staff about the pros and cons of their battalion and the inspection itself.