Tri-County Community Council, Inc., Washington County Housing Authority Section 8 Rental Assistance Program is currently taking applications on Wednesdayís for the waiting list. Applications are taken by interview appointments only.

Eligibility for assistance is based on income; you must be a legal citizen of the United States or have an eligible immigrant status, not have a criminal history and other criteria. In order to apply, you will need to bring verification to the interview such as: picture identification for every household member over the age of 18; social security cards for every household member; birth certificates for every household member; proof of all house hold income (social security benefits, employment wages, TANIF, unemployment, pensions, retirement, all child support, cash received from friends and family that assist you with your utilities); most current years tax returns (2011 or 2012); medical expenses (disabled or 62 years or older); divorce papers and asset verification.

2013 Washington County Income Guidelines are as follows: one person $14,400; two persons $19,900; three persons $22,400; four persons $24,850; five persons $26,850; six persons $28,850; seven persons $30,850; and eight persons $32,850.

Contact Steve Henderson at 638-4520 ext. 25, for additional information or for an interview appointment.