CHIPLEY — Chipley High School’s JROTC Formal Inspection took place on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

Mr. Keenan L. Gamble from 6th Brigade Cadet Command travelled to Chipley High School to help 1SG Burlew from Holmes County High School conduct our 2012-13 Formal Inspection.

Staff briefing and inspection, in rank inspection, and an overview of what we accomplished took place during the Formal Inspection. During the staff briefing our primary staff discussed their duties and responsibilities. Our staff practiced vigorously for their staff briefing and their hard work paid off. 

We stood proudly in our formation with confidence and the mind-set to do our very best, and that’s exactly what we did. After all of our hard work, we did exactly what we set out to do. We planned to do our best and we did just that.

Mr. Gamble said “if he had to rank us out of all the schools he inspected we would definitely be at the top of his list.” He also said, “Our program was very well organized, and also that it takes a lot to get up in front of people to give a presentation but our staff presented extraordinary.