The county, state, and federal governments are in the process of replacing a culver about 16-feet long at Caney Branch on Bracken Road that junctions Bradley Road in Northwest Holmes County. The culvert being replaced was relatively new and more than substantial to accommodate any and all traffic on that dirt road which services about three or four vehicles per day.

I don’t know of a single person or family on that dirt road that were in favor of or requested the replacement, in fact, some even protested the replacement up to and including the governor’s office. Fact is, most people in these parts live on dirt roads by choice and not by chance.

I would like for the taxpayers, especially those who voted for and/or supported Obama (the buck stops there because these funds are a part of his give-away programs) to consider this scenario:

In 1867 Secretary of State William H. Seward purchased their territory of Alaska from Russia for the total sum of 7.2 million dollars. The Alaska territory (now the 50th state) consists of 586.412, square miles of land mass that is rich in gold, gas, oil, timber, wildlife and other natural resources and untold amounts of waters, teeming with fish of all kind that supports on of the largest fishing industries in the world. Ratification of the purchase by congress passed by only one vote because most people thought it was too much to pay for a bunch of “nothing” thus, the purchase was known for decades as “Seward’s Folly.”

In 2012 the aforementioned government agencies began replacing a 16-foot culvert at Caney Branch, on Bracken Road in Holmes County, Florida, at the projected cost of more than one million dollars. After several months, that project is still ongoing and is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2013.

I really, really, really hope that I am as “Near sighted” and as “wrong” as my fore-citizens were in 1867 because I really, really, really think and believe that this culvert project is one of the most ridiculous, insane, stupid, waste of money that I have ever known of. The price of six such culverts could have paid for Alaska. Another almost identical culvert is between this one and Highway 81 just one mile away. Just looking out for you.


Cecil Motley