Reader expands on City Council remarks

Published: Monday, December 24, 2012 at 11:48 AM.

And, some figures that I had developed, from the Bonifay City Clerk in preparation for addressing the Council on Dec. 10 – the company that sis the 2011 sewer project was “Blankenship Construction” and the contract was for $2,680,684. Also, the current sewer project that is now on-going is being done by Royal American and contracted for $4,078,220.

At the Nov. 26 Council meeting, I had stated that I wondered if the 2011 sewer project had created any improvement in the Bonifay Sewer System. It was stated, emphatically, by the City Engineer, that the system was better. In statements and articles in paper, as I recall, the Bonifay City Council engaged services of a company that had capabilities, by use of cameras, lines, etc., to run those cameras through the sewer system lines and present the specific location of breaks in the system. And, I stated at the Nov. 26 meeting that I questioned that there was any failure in the Scenic Hill Circle Street sewer line, except that, when that line was installed the street was unpaved. Later, a Bonifay City Council of the past, had the street paves, but, they failed to have the manholes being raised, or the pavement being lowered, that would allow access to the manholes, and I suggest that was the only reason for the line bring replaces. And I could suggest other streets that are in that same category.

My point being, in having stated the preceding, is that I wonder, considering the six and one-half plus, million dollars that has been obligated — and, again, the information provided me by Bonifay City Clerk, is that amount is a loan — not any of the “free” money, meaning that we — the residents of Bonifay who use and pay sewer charges each month, and recall that at out set of the 2011 project, the monthly sewer fee was raised by $5 to pay for it, could not have been, again using the “videos” of the pre-2011 sewer system, been addressed by the City Engineer and the employees, for a lot less money and the outcome have been as good as will be after all has been said and done.

I speculate that I am wasting my time in attending the council meetings and writing this letter, but, looking at the world situation- the nations such as Italy, France, Spain, Etc., and their financial plight, the United Sates and the “fiscal cliff” that is so prominent in the news today, all of which, from my viewpoint, has been brought about by “politicians”, internationally, nationally, sate, down to local governments, having no self constraint, as they do in respect to their personal finances, have an attitude of “lets get it – its only money- tomorrow will take care of the payback” but, I’m concerned about “tomorrow” and the “piper” is going to have to be paid. I thank you, Mr. Editor, if you do print this letter.


Ray Brooks


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