Reader wants reason for principal move

Published: Monday, December 24, 2012 at 11:46 AM.

Dear Editor,

Please make the public aware that Holmes County School Superintendent Eddie Dixon and other school board members (except for Debbie Kolmetz) have all of the sudden decided to transfer our principal out from under us without any kind of notice. 

I called members of the school board personally this morning and some have attitudes, some aren’t answering their phone and some were nice enough but no one had a reason why Zeb Brown was dismissed from his duties as principal at Bethlehem School.  I heard from one that “he lied” to me and I heard “the older people didn’t like him graduating from that school then coming back and being in charge and telling them what to do!”  I think the later is more true.  The jealous older employees that have done things their way for so many years and so long did not want anything to change for themselves, even if it meant an improvement for our children.  Zeb was the best candidate for the job because he knew first had what was going on and the changes that could make the school better because he participated in the curriculum.  

I do not like the concept of what schools have become anymore with all the corrupt politics and huge buildings.  If you do choose to go along with sending your child off every day to a local school so he/she can learn the most current ideas and trading concepts you expect the best people will be hired for the job.  If you think you should have a job you cannot lose even when you do a subpar job then join a union… pay your dues!

I have never been more excited about a principal than I have since Zeb Brown had become in charge with his new ideas and changes.  Think about the teachers and other staff that have been just getting by, having a bad attitude and showing favoritism or turning their head when they know they shouldn’t.  Bottom line, do what is right and everything will turn out fine. This was done underhanded with no explanation and is wrong, plain and simple.  The parents trump the school board.  The PTO trumps the school board.  The school board should be there for the parents of the children attending.  If the superintendent is the ultimate decision maker of who is principal I for one want to know why this principal that has brought Bethlehem moral up and grades up has been relieved of his duties.  I want an explanation of why in the middle of a school year this Mr. Dixon would rank out a man that is working to improve Bethlehem and succeeding and did not as much as ask one parent their opinion.  I want to know why school board members are so easily lead to go along with this strong-arm family, the Dixons.  I for one have been lied to and disappointed by daddy Dixon when he was principal in some of the worst ways of all my experiences of dealing with schools and nothing was ever done.  I can even give an instance… once a girl “said” my son was smoking a cigar on a field trip and Mr. Dixon expelled him from ball from this girl’s testimony.  No matter, my son admitted they crossed the street and five boys had the cigar.  This same girl ended up assaulting a teacher who got in the way of her attack on another classmate, this girl is sent to the GAP, this girl is allowed to continue to participate in all school activities such as homecoming court and senior trip.  Go figure.  This is just one….. I have more on Dixon and Thompson from Bonifay.  No one is perfect so, some just worse than others so why go after Zeb? 

Do you want one reason why Zeb Brown is no longer at Bethlehem School?  I demand one.


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