• WYATT: It’s all right to ‘re-calculate’

    Those who know me best will complain I’m always losing things: Car keys (five minutes before I’m due to leave for an important appointment), my patience (five minutes after the third plea to my youngest child to get out of bed on a hurried school day), and of course, my cell phone (this happens constantly). READ MORE

  • RICH: Into the horizon

    I’m not entirely sure what Curtis Snell was thinking when he let me take the controls of his personal aircraft in a flying tour of the rural landscape on Saturday. READ MORE

  • RICH: Of course we were raised in a barn

    I’ve found myself in or around a barn more times than I care to admit since coming back to my roots a few months ago as a Holmes County reporter. READ MORE

  • WYATT: A good cause to broaden your horizons

    I've never been remotely creative when it comes to decorating, painting, or arts and crafts of any kind. READ MORE

  • Our View: Government in the Sunshine

    Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine Law was enacted in 1967 to provide the public with the right of access to government proceedings, allowing residents to know how government at all levels is spending taxpayer dollars and what decisions those governing bodies are making. READ MORE

  • Bonifay City Cemetery is Alive With Color

          Through the years I’ve heard many comments about the beauty of Bonifay’s cemetery.  At this time of year when the azaleas are in full bloom, it is especially ... READ MORE

  • Dear Editor,

    I attended a funeral of a citizen of Washington County today and I want to give this testimony in memory of Jesse Andrew Dennis, Jr. who down in the Hinson Crossroads area. Brother Jessie was ... READ MORE

  • Dear Editor,

    As a citizen of Holmes County and as a parent of a senior enrolled in our public school system I would like to take this opportunity and disclose very real biases and prejudices that ...

  • Dear Editor,

      When a reporter asked the Apollo 16 Astronaut Mr. Charlie Duke (The 10th man to walk on the moon), how much money the United States had spent on the Moon Landing Project, his answer was:... READ MORE

  • Home Improvements, Example of Chain Reaction

    When I taught paragraph development in the middle school, I always used home improvement as an example of development by "chain reaction." We started out before Thanksgiving with ... READ MORE

  • Dear Editor

    The county, state, and federal governments are in the process of replacing a culver about 16-feet long at Caney Branch on Bracken Road that junctions Bradley Road in Northwest Holmes County. The ... READ MORE

  • Dear Editor,

    I am sad to see all the young lives being lost today. Since I am a father of eight children and a seventh grandchild on the way, I feel that I have a big stake in all of this. I think there are... READ MORE

  • Bonifay Heading Company Brought Employment To Bonifay and Holmes County

    In Holmes County’s early development, the virgin pine forests were the incentive for many pioneer families coming to the area. Timber for lumber and the related naval stores industry were major ... READ MORE

  • The Mill Whistle Still Sounds at Noon

      With the threat of tornadoes in neighboring Alabama and Georgia, some of our transplanted Bonifay "children" have come to understand the sound of the familiar "mill whistl... READ MORE

  • Reader expands on City Council remarks

    In regard to references made in the Dec. 19, issue of you paper about my attendance at Bonifay City Council meeting on Dec. 10, I feel I need to expand on those statements made by me. READ MORE

  • Reader wants reason for principal move

    Please make the public aware that Holmes County School Superintendent Eddie Dixon and other school board members (except for Debbie Kolmetz) have all the sudden decided to transfer our principal out from under us without any kind of notice. READ MORE

  • Reader questions superintendent's agenda

    Shame on you, Mr. Eddie Dixon! READ MORE

  • Guns don't kill people, people do

    I am writing this to express my opinion on the current problem our country is having with many killings in schools and shopping malls. READ MORE

  • Hardee's manager has found home in Bonifay

    When I met DeAnna Oldham at the chamber breakfast last month, I knew I had to interview her for my "Happy Corner." She impressed me immediately with her enthusiasm about her work and especially about Bonifay. Some people move to a small place like ours and find lots to complain about. She finds lots to brag about. READ MORE

  • Reader points out religious differences

      Dear Editor, This is in response to a letter written by a local doctor asking all faiths to condemn the video that is supposed to be causing all of the radical Muslims to riot and ha... READ MORE

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