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Published: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 02:33 PM.

“I see a few charges on here that I think are probably reasonable,” Tagert said of the bill.

The city has been in ongoing litigation with a property owner, and Tagert said she is concerned with the amount of work the city is being billed for that case.

Councilman Tray Hawkins asked Tagert what would be a reasonable bill for that case.

“Without the files, I cannot tell you what would be reasonable,” she said.

The city also contests the bill for the lawsuit that Adkison lost to Florida Freedom News, the former parent company of the Washington County News. The lawsuit was the result of the city council, under Adkison’s counsel, violating the Florida Sunshine Law in April 2012. The matter went to court, and ultimately the newspaper was awarded the sum of $3,900.

“I don’t mind paying Mr. Adkison,” said Councilman Joey Brock. “My concern is some of the statements he has made to the council, and that is why I think we should turn this over to our new attorney. I can’t see us paying him $27,000. I’m not saying we don’t owe him $27,000, but I would like for him to prove it.”

Hawkins asked Tagert if the city could enter into arbitration with Adkison. “I don’t want the city having any more litigation,” he said.

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