UPDATE: Wolf preserve left devastated by mud slide, two wolves dead

Published: Monday, May 5, 2014 at 02:26 PM.

According to Watkins, Sunday’s tragic event was a blatant act of murder.

“We’re struggling hour by hour to keep the wolves fed while fixing the enclosures,” said Watkins. “We’re also shocked and devastated by the murder of Chaco by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They lied to us, knowing he was headed toward Chipley they told us he was seen coming back to the preserve and that we should put out bait to lure him back in.”

She said someone living on Pioneer Road spotted the wolf and wanted to call the preserve. Because he couldn’t find the number he contacted both the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for the preserves contact information, according to Watkins’ account of the man’s story, and they had told him that they didn’t have the preserve’s contact information.

“They murdered him intentionally, telling us to come back to the preserve to bait him back in knowing he was headed north,” said Watkins. “They refused to catch him humanly and lied saying they had a live trap borrowed from the Red Wolf Preserve. When we got him back we could clearly see it was a text-book kill right through the heart which means he was standing still when they took the shot and not running away like they said he was.”

She said the preserve has been receiving calls from across the region and beyond from outraged wolf enthusiast and wildlife conservationists and would like to share the case number, FWNW140FF4545, for anyone else interested in “taking a stand.”

A funeral for Chaco was held eariler today, May 6.

Watkins said the facility is still in desperate need of donations, which includes manpower, supplies and monetary. Continue to the earlier story for more information on how you can contribute.

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