Roger Brooks honored by the Florida League of Cities

Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 01:22 PM.

“What’s to stop the same thing happening again during this project?” Ray Brooks asked. “I’m concerned that the streets of Bonifay being worse off then when before the project began.”

Cloud assured the man that the difference this time is that they increased their inspectors from one to three.

“We’ve learned from our previous project and I know this time will be better,” said Cloud.

City Superintendent Jack Marell also informed Brooks that it is mandatory that all inspectors update the city on a regular and timely basis.

The Council was informed that there were still two local businesses in volition of the grease trap ordinance and needed to be dealt with.

The Council approved of Council member Richard Woodhams suggestion of sending the business a letter, have the local agency pump their grease trap for them and add the bill to their water bill.

“That way if they don’t pay then their services will be disconnected until they do,” said Woodham.

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