Commissioners put off decision until Wednesday

Published: Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 06:13 PM.

“Surely one of you have an suggestion?” Cook asked the commissioners. “All we’re looking for is a little direction.”

“I want to look at every option before raising taxes,” Abbott said.

Commissioner Charles Brock noted that the county millage was 10 mills and more throughout the 1990s. Laying off county personnel would mean cutting services for the county residents, Brock said. “You can’t cut out half the county staff and not cut services.”

“Sometimes you have to have a little backbone,” Brock said.

“I pay as much taxes in this county as I want to pay,” Commissioner Joel Pate said. He said that the county should have been putting away money back when the gas pipeline first came through and the county routinely had $2 million budget surpluses. “We also need to have a strategic plan, this county has no plan in place.”

Abbott said that if he ran his company the way the commissioners ran the county, his company would be bankrupt. He also said the county wastes a lot of money in grading and filling dirt roads. “We put dirt and sand on these dirt roads, grade them off, then they wash away, year after year. One of our biggest expenses is putting out dirt.”

“I think we are all struggling to do more with less,” said Commissioner Lynn Gothard. “I don’t think the county is any different. And as a new commissioner, I am not convinced the county is run in the most efficient way possible.”

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