Legislative Delegation held a Public Hearing in Holmes County

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 10:15 AM.

“They’re not having to flip through pages to find that voters name, they don’t have to worry about them accidentally signing on the incorrect line and when someone else comes in and it shows that they’ve already voted and then they have and issue,” she said. “With the electronic precinct registers our data is updated in real time. I hope if this issue comes up again that the legislature will support it.”

Morris said she had to retrain poll workers in address verification.

“They can no longer ask you if you still live at 116 Redwood Drive and that concerns me especially now that we have a split in one of our precincts with the redistricting,” she said. “We have a district that was split into two congressional districts and if they can’t make sure that the voter’s address is correct they could be issued an incorrect ballot and it could impact the outcome of that election.”

She said the last issue she had was the referendum ballots.

“The 11 constitutional amendments this time I think was what created a lot of the issues throughout the state with long lines,” said Morris. “Our voters did an excellent job educating themselves. I think we had more people vote on those amendments this time then we’ve ever had, but we had a two page ballot, front and back and fortunately everything went well for us.”

She said she felt sympathy for those counties where the supervisors of elections were “slammed” for their extensive lines.

“I don’t think it was a fault of theirs,” she said. “They didn’t have adequate early voting locations that they could choose to use and then there was the length of the ballot. It went well here because voters educated themselves and came prepared for the most part.”

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