Florida Association of Counties official visits BOCC as guest speaker

Published: Monday, January 14, 2013 at 04:47 PM.

Goodman asked for her to relay the benefits of having a County Administrator, County Coordinator or County Manager.

“This is someone who is a staff expert and allows for commissioners someone to consult with outside of the meeting capacity,” said Delegal. “As it is now because of the Sunshine Law commissioners can only speak to one another during an officially called meeting or workshop. They are not allowed to talk to one another about county matters outside of an official meeting.”

She said one of the worst kind of trouble comes when commissioners talk about a matter in casual settings, such as at a grocery store or via email, and it comes up for vote later on. This could lead to a revoking of the vote and a heavy fine to the county.

“A county manager is one that you can speak with without having to be in a official meeting capacity,” she said. “This will allow you to voice your ideas with someone who can advise for or against it before you bring it before the board. This will save quite a bit of time in the future.”

Goodman said for the time being he was acting as the advisor for the county as they have had no manager since the departure of Holmes County Administrator Greg Wood in 2009.

“There are certain problems that come with me being your advisor in an administrative capacity,” said Goodman. “There will come a time when I won’t be able to objectively play both rolls. There could come a time when you will need a witness in the administrative roll and as your attorney I couldn’t also be a witness.”

Commissioner Bill Parish said he agreed with the attorney about looking into the possibility of county administrator.

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