HCHD Director discusses mosquitoes

Published: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 04:49 PM.

“Routine spraying is up to the local government body and there are grants available to help fund these endeavors,” said Davis. “We put out public notices when need be, which is usually after a natural disaster such as a flood or hurricane in which the mosquitoes become an strong issue. FEMA would not get involved until aerial spraying is required during a declared emergency.”

He said the best method is to remember to Drain and Cover.

Drain standing water to stop mosquitoes from multiplying:

Drain water from garbage cans, house gutters, buckets, pool covers, coolers, toys, flowerpots or any other containers where sprinkler or rain water has collected.

Discard old tires, drums, bottles, cans, pots and pans, broken appliances and other items that aren’t being used.

Empty and clean birdbaths and pet’s water bowls at least once or twice a week.

Protect boats and vehicles from rain with tarps that don’t accumulate water.

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