Florida Chamber of Commerce rep gives Florida updates

Published: Friday, January 17, 2014 at 02:44 PM.

“We have regular meetings with representatives from these organizations and they are concerned with the level of skills of high school graduates,” he said. “The military did a study that one quarter of all people graduating and trying to join the army fail the entrance exam, colleges are telling us that the level of students going from high school to college are increasingly needing remedial classes, business owners are telling us that the skills high school graduates don’t match their needs and so if you think about it as a high school graduate those are the three areas you’re going to go to. If all three sectors are telling us they have a concern about the skills of high school students then we need to pay attention to what they’re trying to say and take action.”

He then moved on the economic development of Florida.

“We are really trying to diversify Florida’s economy,” said Blose. “Basically we’re laying out a road map on how to create 150,000 jobs in the next five years by taking advantage of the expansion of the Panama Canal and global trade. There’s a lot of global trade occurring in Florida, however, we’re not even scratching the surface of the potential that Florida has.”

They also support rural and military economic development, targeted investments for civil and commercial space projects and Enterprise Florida.

“Here in the state of Florida we are falling behind because we are use to being the leader in space exploration and space based businesses for decades and now that the government’s kind of backed out of that business and it’s going more commercial we need to focus on that changing factor and what we can do to make sure that Florida remains number one space-based business in the Union,” he said.

They are also looking into ways of expanding water, energy and transportation to accommodate the increase of Floridians and mentioned a potential $500 million tax cut that would reduce DMV fees, Communication Services Taxes, Commercial Lease Taxes and Communication Services Tax.

For more information visit their website at www.flchamber.com.

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