Florida Chamber of Commerce rep gives Florida updates

Published: Friday, January 17, 2014 at 02:44 PM.

“After The Recession began it kind of tapered off, but there is going to be six million new residents moving to the state of Florida by the year 2030,” he said. “A lot of what we do at the Florida Chamber of Commerce is to plan on the future and not just what’s happening immediately in front of us. To take a look out into our future and say what we want our state to look like in year 2030.”

The current unemployment rate in Florida is 6.4 percent, explained Blose, which is a decline from 11.4 percent when Charlie Crist was governor.

“A lot of the 6.4 percent is because a lot of folks dropped out of the labor force, so keep that in mind,” he said. “There’s been a lot of progress since the darkest days this state has seen in many decades and its still going to be a tough road to climb, which is to create 9,000 new jobs by the year 2020. Despite all of the progress that’s happened in the state of Florida a recent poll shows that only 35 percent of the people feel that we’re moving in the right direction versus 49 percent that say we’re moving in the wrong direction.”

He said if someone were to look at Florida as its own country, then it would be ranked the nineteenth largest economy in the world.

“Technology and the internet has allowed us to do not only business in other areas but other countries,” said Blose. “Florida really is one of the leaders in the globe in being business friendly and having businesses being successful. One of the bad parts is that the cost of living has increased from fifth to twenty-fifth in the last few years and that was one of Florida’s biggest selling points.”

Eighty percent of all jobs created in the state of Florida are created by smaller businesses, he said, and to be considered a small business by Florida standards is any businesses of 500 or less employees.

“That’s why our focus is on small businesses and small business creation and not so much luring big business companies into the state, although that is a good benefit as well,” said Blose. “I’d also like to add that 2014 is a big election year and in terms of you providing feedback to your elected officials and sharing your opinion and sharing what’s going on in your business and in your community and things you’d like to see changed, your voice is going to have even more impact this year then it did last year so I really encourage you to become even more involved with communicating to your elected officials.”

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