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WC Chamber Breakfast 1-16
Cecilia Spears
Published: Friday, January 17, 2014 at 02:44 PM.

CHIPLEY — Discussing everything from Florida DMV fees to Florida education standards, Greg Blose, Grassroots Development and Engagement Manager from the Florida Chamber of Commerce was guest speaker at the Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Breakfast on Thursday.

“There’s a lot of things that the Florida Chamber of Commerce does that directly effects you,” said Washington County Chamber of Commerce Director Ted Everett. “You may not see it but these guys are fighting the battles in the halls of Tallahassee and, of course, your chamber is fighting them in the halls of Washington County.”

Blose opened by saying that many of the topics that he would be discussing during the meeting would be considered controversial.

“It’s funny because as I was walking around this building this morning it was interesting because I saw this plaque that was out front dedicated to some of the people who helped build this facility and it said thank you to these three gentlemen for making the unpopular but correct decision to build this facility,” said Blose, referring to the Specialty Center at Northwest Florida Community Hospital. “I thought that was interesting because a lot of what we do is controversial or maybe unpopular but that doesn’t mean that isn’t what’s right for Floridians or we shouldn’t take action on certain things because of it being an unpopular decision.”

Blose said that there are “a lot of changes coming to the state of Florida, not only demographically but population wise.”

“The New York Times had an article a week or two ago that was a big deal because they were saying ‘well, we’re going to have Florida pass us as the third most popular state’ because New York is currently third and Florida is fourth and they’re trying to figure out why people are moving to Florida and why New York is being left behind,” he said. “Of course, we in Florida know low taxes, nice weather and friendly businesses is a large part of the reason.”

It was no surprise to those who live in Florida, Blose said, because the population of Florida continually grew in the “housing boom” and it was a subject of the local news often.

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