County approves tentative millage and budget

Published: Friday, September 6, 2013 at 10:32 AM.

After the public hearing for the tentative millage rate the Board approved to keep it at 8.9195.

“The majority of taxes, the amount people pay, will actually go down and I’m just basing that on what I’ve seen,” said Bush. “It has stayed at 8.9195 but at the same time the property values have decreased since the boom and that’s one reason why it has caused even greater shortfall this year than previous years. That millage rate isn’t generating the same amount of taxes and there’s a significant amount of expenses that we have this year that we didn’t have in previous years.”

During the public hearing for the tentative budget resident Sal Zuricka was one of the many who stood up to request that the Board reconsider terminating the three positions.

“Commissioner Charles Brock, I’ve known you for quite a few years and I’ve been to many meetings where you’ve talked about the employees and the kind of work they do and that they deserve a raise and every year you come up with money to give them a bonus,” said Zuricka. “I think it’s time for you to save these three jobs. $30,000 for a computer person, that ain’t going to work cause it cost me $150 just for some guy to fix my computer and that was over the phone.”

Bush explained that the three positions to be cut were chosen based on category and not due to the individuals.

“We made the cuts from the most budget-neutral way possible,” said Bush. “A couple years ago there were five people let go and those people were picked but these were based on category. We never had a HR Department before and there are those who have the budget for one and the IT is an expensive position. In fact it is the second most expensive position in the county and as for the Administrative Assistant, that was someone who served the County Manager.”

He added that there were four positions in road and bridge that were done away with because they were funded for the previous year but never filled.

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