Commissioners discuss Sunny Hills mowing contracts

Published: Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 11:47 AM.

“Mainly, I am looking for direction from the board on how to proceed with this ordinance,” Goodman said. “I can paint you a picture, but I have got to know what it is you want me to paint before I begin.”

“If paying off the debt is the main goal, then we want to put as much as possible toward that payment,” Gothard said. If the $64,000 wasn’t enough to do all the mowing that is currently being done, then perhaps the amount of maintenance could be cut back, she added.

Chairman Alan Bush said he thought the board should get some bids so they can get an idea of what contracting the mowing out will cost before they decide on setting the percentages in the ordinance.

Brock asked where the 2016 pay-off date came from. Gothard said that she worked with county finance employees and, based on the MSBU’s average income, worked backward from there, determining that 2016 was the soonest the $1.66 million could be paid off, and that was putting 80 percent of the money toward debt retirement.

“That is just a date,” Bush said. “We could also set the goal for 2018, or 2020. But the idea was to pay it off as soon as possible.”

Commissioner Todd Abbott also suggested the county get some bids on the mowing, taking into account the portions of mowing that county employees will do twice a year in Sunny Hills.

“I think we should get bids for two or three options so we can get an idea of what we can spend on mowing,” Abbott said.

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