Proposed changes would term-limit planning commissioners

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 02:22 PM.

He had gone before the board to discuss his concerns, and the outcome of those discussions had been the work to limit the terms of the planning commissioners.

Anderson also said that there are no African-American planning commissioners, which means that a portion of the county population is not being represented properly.

The planning commission makes recommendations to the county commissioners, which are usually approved by the board with little discussion or dissent, Anderson said.

“I don’t know that this board has ever not approved a recommendation by the planning commission, which is amazing,” Anderson said. “Normally, the five of you can’t even agree on what day it is.”

He thanked the board for allowing him to participate in drafting the proposed code changes. “I appreciate you going through the process and allowing the public to participate,” Anderson said.

Planning Commissioner Jim Ackerman told the board he would prefer not to be considered an employee of the county, but if he were to be so considered, he would like to have the same benefits as other employees such as health insurance.

“If we are supposed to be employees, tell us what parts of the 83-page employee handbook apply to us,” Ackerman said. “I do think the Conflict of Interest section should apply to the planning commission.”

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