BONIFAY – The Holmes County Public Library will be hosting a book signing for local author Nancy Springer.

Springer, who is an internationally renowned mystery writer, as well as the composer of the Enola Holmes series. The series is set to be made into a movie – or a series of movies – produced by and starring Millie Bobby Brown, a star of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

The author’s newest book, “The Oddling Prince”, was just released earlier this month. Springer first released the series Books of Isle in 1977 in the genre of fantasy and over the course of the years moved into mysteries, children’s books and young adult literature. Prince, she says goes back to her earliest novels.

“This book is a flashback to my very earliest fantasy novels,” said Springer. “I was away from that forum for a long time. This is a late in life book, I am writing for the joy of it.”

The story, set in Scotland, is about two brothers Aric and Albaric and their love and loyalty to each other and how it withstands war and hatred.

Springer says Prince goes back to her earlier works where she had two heroes in her stories.

“This book has two heroes and the heart on the cover is like the love that binds them together,” said Springer.

Beginning with her first novel in 1977, Springer has written over 55 books, won numerous awards and is an international best seller.

Springer came full circle with her writing when she ventured back into fantasy with “The Oddling Prince.”

The Oddling Prince was included in Publisher's Weekly Top 10 list of science/fiction/fantasy/horror for Spring 2018.

A book signing for the book will be held from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on June 5 at the Holmes County Public Library.

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