CHIPLEY – Washington County Drug Task Force ended “Operation Winter Roundup” just before Christmas with more than 20 drug charges. 13 of those arrested are charged with the sale of drugs.

Comprised of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Chipley Police Department, the task force ended the investigation with 15 arrests.

“We realize that we are not going to arrest our way out of the drug epidemic plaguing our nation and our county,” said Washington County Sheriff Kevin Crews, “but being vigilant in our pursuit of making our county the safest place to live, work, and play in is something we will continue to strive towards every day.”

Operation Winter Roundup focused on the illegal sale of narcotics within the county. As in previous sting operations, many purchases were secured during the extensive undercover investigation.

Chipley Police Chief Scott Thompson spoke of the importance of a well-balanced and safe place to live.

“As we raise our families in this county, we all see the importance of making sure our communities, schools, and places of worship all hold a safe haven for our children and those that we love,” said Thompson.

“Combating crime within the City of Chipley and within Washington County is much more than just making arrests,” added Crews. “It is providing that haven for our citizens that is so important.”

The following arrests were made as a result of the investigation:

Winston Terry Spencer, 46, Chipley, – Possession of methamphetamine

George Joshua Davis, 54, Chipley, – Sale of marijuana and sell of methamphetamine

Teri Savage Wicker, 56, Caryville – Possession of methamphetamine

Eric Lamar Hooks, 44, Chipley – Manufacturing cocaine and sell of cocaine

Terry Lee Jacobs, 39, Chipley – Possession of methamphetamine (2 counts)

Gina Solomon Culp, 46, Chipley – Sale of marijuana

Andrew Jacob Culp, 18, Chipley – Sale of marijuana

Shane Darryl Combs, 44, Vernon – Sale of methamphetamine (2 counts)

Jack Robert Hogue, 27, Vernon – Possession of methamphetamine

Lucas Clay Antolik,18, Vernon – Sale of marijuana

Brittney Leigh Williams, 25, Vernon – Trafficking in opium or derivative 4 grams to 30 kilograms (Lortab) and sell of Lortab

Thomas Jerome Jacobs, 23, Cottondale – Possession of ecstasy

Terry Jerome Davis, 36, Chipley – Sale of cocaine (2 counts)

Lexus Raynez Roulhac, 24, Chipley – Sale of marijuana

Timothy Lamar Massaline, 55, Chipley – Sale of marijuana within 1000 feet of public housing (2 counts)

Still at large are:

Rykem Gabrielle McKenzie, 21, Chipley – Possession of marijuana more than 20 grams (No photo provided)

Earl Julian Watford, 30, Chipley – Sell of marijuana (No photo provided)

Willie Matthew Kellum, 35, Chipley – Sale of methamphetamine and sale of marijuana (No photo provided)

Washington County Sheriff Kevin Crews urges anyone with knowledge of crimes being committed to contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 850-638-6111. Tips may also be reported anonymously by calling 850-638-TIPS (8477) or by emailing